Brochures and case studies


We specialise in the writing, design and production management of collateral materials, including product/sector and corporate brochures, flyers, mailers, folders/wallets, data sheets, handouts, posters, research reports and case studies. Publications are available in hard-copy (print) and digital (HTML and PDF) formats.


Our complete publication production management service covers:

  • objective-setting
  • concepts and proposals
  • research
  • copywriting
  • translation and 'transcreation' (including European and non-European languages)
  • photography and photo-library research
  • illustrations, graphics and charts
  • design visuals
  • page layout and proofing
  • print management
  • distribution database development
  • distribution/fulfilment.


We believe that appropriate and very well designed and written product/sector and corporate literature, delivered to the right people, can significantly enhance the recognition afforded to any organisation.


We have written and produced attractive and effective brochures, mailers and case studies, etc., for some of the world's leading companies in the logistics sector - see publications portfolio.


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