Communications support


Hayes Anderson designs and undertakes marketing and communications audits - providing information about how companies and other organisations are perceived at four levels:

  • organisation to customer/prospective customer
  • organisation to media
  • organisation to employee
  • organisation to general public.


An audit usually starts with the development and circulation of a specially designed questionnaire, and includes face-to-face interviews with management, staff, existing customers, prospective customers and the media. Its conclusions pinpoint strengths and weaknesses in an organisation's:

  • profile (i.e. prompted and unprompted recognition factors)
  • image
  • appearance of customer-facing personnel, plus premises, vehicles, correspondence, etc.
  • existing marcoms tools - e.g. marketing collateral, promotional items
  • behaviour of staff (e.g. telephone receptionists)
  • response to new business enquiries
  • response to service enquiries
  • response to media enquiries.


We will then suggest ways in which strengths may be built upon and weaknesses eliminated. Such an audit, when undertaken early in any marcoms campaign, also provides a baseline against which future activity can be evaluated.


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