Corporate identity


Corporate visual identity is the first way that your organisation communicates. It's your face to the world and is a crucial part of your brand. Rightly or wrongly, people use corporate identity every day to assess the credibility of organisations - as quality design indicates investment and financial stability.


At Hayes Anderson we believe that a strong, consistent and appropriate corporate identity can also have a dramatic impact on the pride and confidence of employees - in other words what an organisation feels about itself.


Corporate visual identity encompasses your logo, logotype and (where appropriate) strapline or slogan. It covers the relative size and position of these items, their colours, as well as the colour palette and images used on your stationery, signage, uniforms, website, marketing collateral, vehicle liveries, etc. It includes the typefaces that appear on stationery and brochures - even the choice of paper.


Consistency is key - but that doesn't have to mean bland uniformity. Take a look at the two versions of the AutoTrax logo we commissioned below. Although the colourways are quite different, there's no mistaking that this visual identity belongs to a single confident European company.


We have completed a number of successful corporate identity projects on behalf of clients. Our services include:

  • corporate identity project management
  • corporate identity audits
  • drafting design agency briefs
  • writing and production of corporate visual identity guidelines and manuals
  • internal awareness programmes and corporate visual identity policing
  • internal and external communications.


In an increasingly competitive marketplace, corporate identity is an effective way for your organisation to achieve differentiation - by helping it to develop a distinctive brand personality that encapsulates its values and aspirations. Included below are samples from some of the corporate identity projects we have undertaken...


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AutoTrax Limited


The two colourways of the AutoTrax logo - produced as part of a complete corporate identity project for this start-up company...





Rockwood Distribution Services Limited


A full corporate identity was created for Rockwood Distribution Services following a change of name after it was acquired by Rockwood Holdings plc. Our corporate identity won a Commercial Motor Vehicle Livery of the Year award...




Tibbett & Britten Group plc


A major corporate identity updating project was undertaken for our client Tibbett & Britten in 2003–04. The commission included the production of a full corporate identity manual (further below)...



Corporate identity manuals


Corporate identity manuals don't have to be expensive. A simple guidelines document can be produced on a single poster-sized sheet. Here's a fairly comprehensive (but still inexpensive) 34-page loose-leaf manual we produced for Tibbett & Britten...

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