Crisis communications


A disaster or crisis - such as a natural catastrophe, a major vehicle or warehouse accident, product contamination, environmental pollution, employee misconduct, kidnap or sudden death of a senior executive - can hit your business at any time, and will make enormous demands on your management and staff.


Successful crisis management demands a fast and honest response, day or night - even before all the pertinent facts may be known. The secret to surviving the 'unthinkable' is contingency and crisis communications planning.


At Hayes Anderson we support our clients' crisis management planning activities by designing, drafting and maintaining tailored crisis communications plans. These provide checklists for site and senior management - both in preparing for and in responding during a crisis. They cover:

  • the crisis communications team
  • media enquiry management
  • designated spokespeople
  • media training
  • development of holding statements
  • development of key messages
  • ongoing media relations
  • out-of-hours contacts.


Let Hayes Anderson help you not only to survive your next crisis - big or small - but to come through it with your reputation and credibility enhanced.


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