Media relations


A proactive and reactive media relations campaign usually forms the core of any public relations programme. Such campaigns are designed to build relationships with influential journalists on trade, local/regional and national press, plus the broadcast and internet-based media.


Our media relations services include:

  • Acting as a conduit for press contact and managing the media enquiry process from end-to-end.
  • Researching and writing news releases, including commissioning photography as required, plus obtaining all necessary internal and external approvals.
  • Sourcing and managing tailored media lists (including freelances, analysts, consultants, other opinion-formers, etc.) or using online media distribution networks, and circulating news releases.
  • Researching and writing case studies, feature articles, Q&As, briefing notes, etc., and placing them in target media.
  • Organising media visits - e.g. for product launches, site openings, press conferences, site tours, management interviews, etc.
  • Arranging media training when required, including broadcast media interview training and public speaker training.
  • Devising and arranging media events and other initiatives designed to stimulate media interest.
  • Researching, writing and distributing reactive media statements, along with obtaining internal and external approvals.


In addition we provide media monitoring services, including the supply of digital or hard-copy press cuttings (subject to the negotiation of an NLA licence) - from national, regional/local, trade, business, financial and other print media, plus the internet. We also monitor and provide transcripts or digital copies of broadcast items. And when required we offer parliamentary monitoring services covering Westminster, Edinburgh, Whitehall and Brussels.


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