Photography and video


Is a picture worth a thousand words? In PR, you bet!


Hayes Anderson commissions and art directs new photography and video in support of public relations, presentations, publishing and web design activities.


We have over 30 years' experience of working with professional photographers and videographers to create still and moving images that convey messages or tell stories. We have commissioned experts in these fields in Europe, Africa, the Americas and Asia (including China).


We also manage the production of complete corporate and themed videos in all formats - including Flash and streaming .wmv for websites. Presentations are targeted at opinion-formers (such as MPs and influential journalists), decision-makers (like customers and prospective customers), and company personnel.


Video presentations are particularly powerful communications tools, offering audience pulling power and easy assimilation of the messages, combined with total control over content and delivery. Where necessary they can be used in the absence of senior company personnel - e.g. at exhibitions.


We undertake research, prepare draft scripts and storyboards, commission new photography and video, research still and film/video stock libraries, supply actors/interviewers/voice-over artists and manage all studio work. We also obtain model release and MCPS-PRS clearances as required.


In addition we support the production of video news releases (VNRs) and commission and direct radio syndication spots and podcasts (audio news releases) - to get your PR messages across to a wider audience. We advise on the development of your pitch (the 'media hook') and messaging, and will arrange TV and radio interview training when necessary.


We also source photographers for executive portraiture, conferences, product launches, corporate hospitality and other functions. And we provide expert in-house photo-manipulation services - including Flash animation, digital enhancement and optimisation for presentation and web applications.


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