At Hayes Anderson we write speeches and prepare presentations to any length and for any occasion, including:

  • Trade conferences and seminars
  • Press conferences and product launches
  • Site openings and new facility launches
  • Corporate hospitality events.


We also write scripts for corporate and themed videos, as well as Flash and other animated presentations.


The process starts with the initial brief from the client, where the main messages are established and the outline approach agreed. After this we undertake additional research by speaking to subject-matter experts both inside and outside the organisation as required. With a conference speech it is also important at this early stage to understand the topics being addressed by other speakers in the session.


Once these stages are complete, we proceed to produce a well-crafted speech that contains the agreed messages and fits the alloted topic, audience and timescale.


In addition we prepare attractive and effective support materials, including PowerPoint slide decks – an area in which we have special expertise.


We are also specialists in sourcing humorous and motivational speakers (along with other entertainers) for corporate hospitality, management conferences and other company functions.


Here is a small selection of the many scripts we have prepared over the years...



Scripts are provided in PDF format. Please click here to obtain the latest free PDF Reader software.


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