Chris Field, Editor, Retail Technology: "In my opinion, little of benefit has been added to the PR industry in the last 20 years that people like John Hayes didn't understand and practice all along. As a journalist on the receiving end of at least 150 different PR agencies, I can say that John is among only a handful who seem to know what they are doing. He is therefore a trusted individual, in whom his clients can put their complete faith."
Robin Meczes, freelance journalist: "John hayes has succeeded in doing something which many PR people aspire to but few achieve - establishing a mutually respectful relationship with journalists... It's hard to think of a better position for a PR person to be in."
Andrew Brown, Editor, Motor Transport: "John Hayes is one of the best press and public relations professionals that I have been acquainted with in my 21 years as an editor and 30 years as a journalist."
Peter Rowlands, Founder-Editor, e.Logistics & Fulfilment Magazine: "I've known and worked with John Hayes for many years, and can honestly say that in many respects he is the ideal PR man... He's hard-working, conscientious, knowledgeable and professional."
Mark O'Bornick, Co-founder, Analytiqa Ltd: "From an independent analyst's view of the market, Tibbett & Britten was considered to be one of the most approachable, amicable and open organisations across the industry and this is, in large part, due to John's work."
Robert Carruthers, News Editor, Drapers Record: (now freelance): "In my time working for Drapers Record and The Times I have found John extremely helpful and professional. The best PRs, from the point of view of long-term good relations with journalists, act as much as possible as facilitators rather than obstructors, and John has always facilitated contact in an efficient, pleasant and businesslike manner."
Tim Blakemore, Editor, Transport Engineer: "John is among the most professional of PR managers I have dealt with in more years in this business than now seems sensible."
Nick Allen, Editor, Supply Chain Standard: "John Hayes has always risen to the challenge, sometimes at the shortest notice. He has always supplied excellent material on case studies and features. He has been able to arrange contact with the most senior spokespeople and has always responded swiftly and efficiently. He is helpful, professional and reliable."
Simon Jack, freelance journalist "I have dealt with John Hayes in his role as public relations manager at Tibbett & Britten for more than 10 years. At all times he has provided relevant and timely information... press releases and photographic material have been of a high standard and the company's newsletter and website - both of which he also produces - are very informative."
Brian Weatherley, Editor-in-Chief, Commercial Motor: "Clearly we have a good relationship... which I would put down to John Hayes and our friendship - and ultimately that's the best press relationship there can be."
Mike Arrowsmith, CEO, Tibbett & Britten Group plc: "John Hayes's reputation for reliability and integrity was a huge asset to us in our dealings with the media, and his honesty, professional skills and hard work were valued highly by the Board. In my business career I've encountered few people who I would describe as indispensable - John is one of them."
John Harvey CBE, Chairman, Tibbett & Britten Group plc: "John's commitment and involvement at Tibbett & Britten Group for more than 12 years was widely acknowledged and greatly appreciated by the Board. I have no doubt that he made a significant contribution to the success of the business."


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